.) ------------------------------------------------------------------ EATING LESSON beeg mom by beeg hot Felix Lance Falkon of Falkonnetaxs beeg mature From orbit, I saw that Cliffsprong was still a beautiful world -- thousands of hilly, green islands and narrow, sparkling seas. It was one of the first Terran-settled planets overrun by the Knarst Horde, and it had been almost a standard century from the time the voracious Horde captured that planet until the Knarst's slave empire collapsed after the Battle of the Raven beeg beeg Nebula. Our Fleet was chasing what was left of beeg sexxn the Knarst Fleet in the general direction sex beeg of the Magellenic Clouds, so making contact with the Horde's former slaves was the job of the hastily-formed Resurvey Fleet of one-man space-ships like mine . . . which is why I was dropping out of Cliffsprong's sky. My last planetfall had been on Ing -- a site beeg.com beeg planet of endless plains and a centauroid race that had cautiously listened to the news that the Knarst were gone for good -- so hills were a welcome change for me. I hoped for a friendlier reception than on Gnarr, where the inhabitants, though human, had become beeg xx short, suspicious, and agoraphobic during the generations beeg porche that they had slaved beeg..com for the Knarst in the iridium mines of that smoky, volcanic planet. I milf beeg spotted a village from the air, and grounded my beegs ship on the side away from an obviously Knarst-built structure by a river. My first visitor arrived while I was still sampling the beegporn air and equalizing pressure: a blond youth of about twenty: broad-shouldered, muscular, and naked. beeg poto He was waiting patiently at the airlock when I emerged. ``D'ya beeg xxx want to eat -- **Hey!* You're a people -- I mean www.beeg..com a person -- a man!'' he said. ``That is right,'' I said slowly. Accents change over the years, and we Survey pilots had been instructed to beware of misunderstandings, especially at first. ``I am a person -- I am a man like -- like you. The Knarst have gone. They will not return.'' ``Oh.'' He looked me over carefully. ``But what is . . . ?'' He gestured at beegxxx beeg-com me, then slowly ran a hand across his own bare chest. ``This?'' I touched my own white coveralls, took a handful of loose cloth, and let go. ``This is clothing. I can take it off,'' I said, opening the zipper to my waist and baring my chest, ``and put it back on.'' I smiled reassuringly beeg beeg at the naked youth. beeg massage ``I am named Roger.'' ``I am beeg 18 Arv. The Eaters -- the tentacled ones?'' ``The tentacled ones -- the Knarst Horde -- will not return,'' I said beeg. firmly. ``Then -- we've been found again!'' Arv jumped into the air. ``Ha-yoo! The Eaters are gone for good!!'' Eleven more young men trotted from sex beeg the surrounding forest into the meadow. Ages ran from about fifteen to twenty; hair from silver blond through red and on to dark brown. All were naked, splendidly muscular, and nicely hung. A couple carried bows and wore arrow-filled quivers, making me suddenly aware of the weight of my heavy stunner in its holster. ``Be welcome,'' said one of the newcomers. ``The Eaters are really not coming beeg.com/ back, then?'' ``Yes,'' I said, sitting down beside my little space ship. ``Gather 'round, and I will tell you the story. The forces of Terra, of old Earth, gathered inside a great cloud among the stars which is free porn beeg in the shape of a flying black animal. There they waited . . .'' And on the story went, while my audience sat or lay on the springy grass, intent on every word -- near-basic words, the whole composed by Survey Headquarters for just this purpose -- on www.beeg com to beeg come the end: ``. . . and now the stars in the sky are beeg..com friends again, for ever and xnxx beeg always.'' ``Ah-ha,'' said one of the audience. ``So **that's* why they were in such a hurry. About 30 tendays ago, three of their Seij-class cruisers came by -- one damaged https //beeg.com so badly it crashed on landing, and the others looked as if they'd taken near-misses from your transwarp cannon.'' ``D'ya know how many got away?'' asked another youth -- a sturdy, red-haired Hercules. ``Near's we can tell, they tried to englobe your www.beeg scouts in the northern quadrant of the -- the Flying Black Animal Nebula, and then your fleet -- eat it sex beeg all, it's **our* fleet too -- did a double crossover and got 'em good.'' ``Uh -- yes,'' I said. ``My story **was* pretty basic. We didn't know how much you beegcom already knew, so --'' Arv laughed, then said, ``The Eaters never bit into how much we had figured out either. They probably didn't **want* to know. beeg com Anyway, the other two cruisers stocked their larders and spaced out 'fore they could collect all of the Eaters -- the Knarst, you called them? -- stationed on planet. After beegcom that, we fixed beeg . the ones they www beeg com left behind.'' beeq.com ``Fixed them?'' beeg vids I asked. With beeg teen a grin, Arv said, **``We* ate **them.*'' His grin faded; beeg milf he beeg.com looked wistful and sighed. I scrambled to my feet, shaking stiffness out of the foot I'd been sitting on. My audience crowded close, some for a closer look at my clothes, all anxious for more details of the Battle of the Raven Nebula, and beeg lesbian -- most of all beeg porn videos -- news of Terra itself. I considered stripping, decided: not yet. # # beeg.com # Eventually, someone suggested that I visit their village -- an invitation I'd been hoping for (on a first beeg hd contact like this, one waits to be asked before going anywhere), and there was almost a fight between the red-haired young Hercules -- Terecky -- and blond Arv over who would be my guide. I quieted them by taking both. Terecky did most of the talking; Arv trotted along like a big, friendly puppy -- if you can imagine a blue-eyed puppy almost two meters xxxbeeg tall, with hardly a gram of fat on a beautifully muscled physique, hung like a stallion, one moment as graceful beeg massage as a cat and tube beeg the next all but tripping over his own feet. Red-headed Terecky was bursting with questions, mostly about space tactics of our Fleet, yet he stopped that flood of questions again and again to explain something beeg/ before I more beeg gesetz than opened my mouth -- that the bowmen were going into the deep woods to beeg 4k shoot small beeg ass game -- that the other men now leaving our group were collecting fruit from the edge of that small forest. beeg xx Arv scrambled up a near-by tree as if it were a ladder and brought down something like a peach. Over the next hill was a half-plowed field. Three men from the group strode beeg mp4 to the plow, pulled it out teen beeg of the beeg xnxx ground, and proudly showed me the subtle sweep of beeg coom xxx beeg the plow-share and mold- board which, they explained, turned the sod with the least possible resistance. Then -- with two men pulling and one guiding -- they resumed plowing. беег Terecky explained that they had no tractors, and there beeg porn were no large animals porn beeg on planet: no wonder these men were so well built! From a distance, the village looked primitive: thatched beeg lesbian huts; man-powered transport; narrow, winding streets; naked inhabitants -- https //beeg.com mostly male and none beeg tubes looking more than 20 porn beeg standard years old. But primitive villages don't beeg xvideos smell as beeg porno clean as a mountain meadow, and this one did. Primitive villages don't have running water, either; but we passed a indian beeg crew of husky beeg . workmen who were digging a hole in the street to replace a section of beeg free water pipe. Blond Arv explained the water system to me; Terecky explained me to the workmen. Farther in, we found a pack of high-spirited kids scrubbing an open-sided kitchen under the direction of a broad-beamed woman. She stopped work long enough to show wwwbeeg off the stoves -- all solar-powered -- then shooed us out of her way. At the beegs begg river's edge, a small sailing ship lay alongside a pier. Boxes and bales lay on beeg. com deck and pier; unloading had stopped for a game of water polo -- or something like it -- in mom beeg the river. Nearby, a long, thatched roof covered a small machine shop where, Arv explained, villagers made roller bearings in various sizes for wheel-barrows, man-pulled carts, and bicycles. When we arrived, the workers were all outside, playing a vigorous game of volleyball, which they interrupted to explain and then show off their simple but elegant technology. And then it was evening, with no time to visit the odd- angled Knarst beeg hindi building at the far edge of the village. Instead, supper: several kinds of birds and small animals, fruit, www beeg vegetables hot and cold, and two complete re-tellings of the Battle of beeg.con the Raven Nebula. Afterwards, I said -- a beeq.com bit hoarsely -- that somebody ought to set the damn thing beeg sex video to music and save me having to tell it so often; Arv scampered off, then returned a few moments later with a small guitar and began doing exactly that, while other young men suggested a note here, a phrase there. I wandered free beeg back to my spaceship a little later, glad to have Arv's free beeg www.beeg..com company on the long walk. He refused to go back to the village after we reached the ship, but mom beeg regulations banned letting natives aboard. Arv insisted there were neither beeg.coom mosquitoes not predators on planet, and seemed fascinated by the very idea beeg tube of anything large and carnivorous that hunted beeg hairy by night. He slept outside, on the grass, while I slid into my bunk aboard the little survey ship. # # # A thunderstorm woke me about midnight. I thought of Arv, damned the regulations, stumbled to the airlock, and invited beeg black him beeg.com/ in. He scrambled aboard, eyes anal beeg sparkling, splendid body glistening wet. I beeg. com tossed him a towel and a blanket, then went -- reluctantly -- back to bed. I puzzled beegxx over what the Knarst Horde got out of this beeg free planet: they had enslaved humans on Gnarr to mine metal, enslaved the centaurs of Ing to grow grain for the Horde; but the people of Cliffsprong grew or gathered just enough to feed themselves, and seemed to play as much as they worked. Still worrying -- **what good were these muscular nudists to the Horde?* -- I fell asleep beeeg at last. At dawn, I climbed out of my bunk, stuffed my morning hard- on into my pants, and stepped into the corridor. Arv yawned, stretched, and climbed to his beeg sexxn feet. He had spent the night curled up on the floor, beeg xnxx but beeg .com he woke bright-eyed and alert. I looked him over; he smiled milf beeg happily back, not the least embarrassed by his own long, sturdy erection. I showed him the toilet and returned to my bunk; since there was no porno beeg erection taboo here, beeg mom I decided I might as well go naked like the rest and pulled off my pants. After another moment's thought, I donned boots and belt, with holster and stunner, which somehow made me **feel* nakeder than wearing nothing at all. In the mirror, I **looked* nakeder, too. Arv was bent over the washbowl with his back to me. I gritted my teeth and managed to keep going to the galley, where I fixed breakfast. When I apologized for the food -- Resurvey Fleet rations are just rations, after all -- Arv insisted that he **liked* what I served him. ``But compared beeg porche with the supper you gave me last night,'' I said, ``this is beeg.c --'' ``Woodsbirds and stuff? I'm going to make a **good* supper tonight, with **real* meat -- even if Terecky or one of the guys we saw plowing the brent field does too . . .'' He beeeg finished eating and scrambled to his feet, his prong still proudly erect. ``Come on; beeg. you'll see.'' I trotted anal beeg after the tall, splendidly muscled blond. Outside, the morning air was cool on my bare skin; the sun, pleasantly warm. My belt gripped my bare waist; the holster was a reassuring weight at my hip. Springy grass under my booted feet gave way to soft earth under the trees and even softer plowed ground beyond. Arv scrambled up a tree and grabbed some fruit. beeg sex As we strode along, I asked him, between bites, ``How come there are so few women in beeg mature the village?'' ``Because beegxxx ten times as many boys are .beeg born than girls. Or do you mean why **that*? The Eaters bred us to be like that, along b eeg with everything else. D'ya know, we pretty much took things the way they were while they were here. But now . . .'' We walked in silence for a few minutes, until Arv said, ``It wasn't all bad what the Eaters -- the Knarst did. If the old stories about the sicks and all are true . . .'' ``Sicks? Oh, beeg.c yeah. You **are* a healthy looking pack of beeg com. studs.'' I beeg sex video glanced at the muscular blond beside me; his lusty shaft was still erect, quivering stiffly with every pace. ``Of course, with the village so clean -- are all villages like yours?'' ``Oh, no. In Etin, down the river, they use a waterfall instead of beeg tube hd beeg a bath-house with showers, like we have; and they make the wheels instead of beeg vids bearings. And Steff, even farther down-river, has a floating dock instead of a pier with pilings. And of course we have beeg.coom the Knarst cannery that takes care of the whole island.'' Arv gestured at the sinister, eldrich building as wwwbeeg beeg..com we neared its entrance. ``The other villages keep it supplied too. But now, of course . . .'' He beeg anal touched his virile beeg movies shaft, stroked it slowly. We entered the odd-angled structure, walking warily. I glanced around; as my eyes adjusted, I saw that this end of the building was a meat-packing plant. Three-meter-long chopping blocks stood in rows on the floor; here and there, naked butchers were reducing a carcass to steaks beeg come and roasts. beeg x I turned to Arv. ``Then you raised meat for the Knarst?'' He nodded. ``Raised meat, and then fixed it for them -- canned it or chilled it or froze it. Now, we just . . .'' I looked around more carefully but saw no sign of beeg livestock. And if there were animals this big available, why man-pulled plows and wagons, beeg indian why . . . ? I turned back to the tall, blond youth and asked him, ``what kind of meat? I don't see --'' Arv beeg vids looked surprised, then grinned. beeg.c ``Right here,'' he said, patting his muscle-plated chest. beeg 18 ``Us. Man-meat. Didn't you know -- no, you wouldn't. The Eaters thought Cliffsprong meat the very best -- it still is, too.'' I must have shown horror on my face, for Arv said reassuringly, www beeg com ``We're used to it; beeg poto it doesn't bother us at all. When a guy starts feeling -- you know -- **ready,* like this,'' Arv touched his rigid shaft, ``he knows it's his -- time.'' The naked blond turned to the nearest chopping block, where three naked workers had just finished disassembling a carcass. ``But -- but --'' ``After the last two Eater ships spaced out and we beeg mature ate the Eaters that were left, we found that we still feel ready; and when we do, we have to teen beeg get eaten.'' He squeezed his shaft again beeg.com and licked his lips. ``Now that the Eaters are gone, we eat each beeh other; and we .beeg taste lots better than woodsbirds.'' Arv turned beeg-com to the nearest chopping block again and asked, ``Has Terecky been in yet?'' ``Nope. That was Lecwith,'' said the tallest of the workers there, scooping up the last of the bloody remains. ``He told us beeg videos that Terecky'll be in soon; but with all the www beeg.com people coming in to see the beeg video Terran visitor, we can use all three of you.'' I looked around again. No, Arv hadn't been kidding. I heard someone two chopping blocks away ask, ``Who's beeg 4k next?'' A stiff- pronged man promptly climbed onto that block and stretched himself out on the blood-soaked wood. I turned back to beeg com. Arv and saw him mount the block Lecwith had just vacated. ``Hey -- **NO!''* I had my stunner in hand as I dropped to a firing beeg porn crouch. ``That won't do any good,'' said Arv. ``When one of us gets ripe -- and ready . . .'' He beeg xvideos touched his rigid shaft again. ``Yeah? When I get like that, I don't get myself chopped up and eaten, I just go and . . .'' I stopped, thinking. **But with so few women, then the Knarst -- *that** must beeg hot be beeg gesetz why they bred -- and then . . .* I stopped again, and inspiration hit. ``Okay, **I'll* eat you -- beeg sexxx right now. And none of you meat- heads better try and stop me . free porn beeg . .'' I waved my stunner menacingly. ``You'll eat me -- raw?'' asked Arv, his eyes wide. ``Alive, too,'' I growled, climbing onto the block. I pushed the puzzled but unresisting young stud down flat on his back and knelt astride his thighs. I leaned forward, grabbed his stiff prong with beeg anal my left hand, and sucked begg the tip into my mouth. After a few minutes of hard sucking, I slid beeg anal my stunner back into my holster beeg sexxx and used my www beeg right hand on Arv's beeg massive balls. Under me, Arv's thighs shifted; I heard a shaky sigh. Then he began to meet each bob of my head with a thrust of his splendid cock. In seconds more, he was squirming hard; seconds more, and his throbbing shaft jabbed deep into my mouth and erupted with an unbelievable spurt of sperm -- and another -- and beeh yet another, until Arv's virile organs pumped themselves dry and he relaxed with an utterly satisfied sigh. I slowly got to my beeg com knees, licking my lips and breathing hard, still astride his muscular thighs. Fascinated beeg teen Cliffsprongers surrounded the chopping block; even the stud on the beeg mom next block beeg sex was sitting up and watching. I spotted the red- haired young Hercules in the circle of spectators -- all looking very puzzled, and most -- including Terecky -- with very impressive erections. ``You said you were going to **eat* him, but he's still . . .'' said the stud on the next chopping block. ``Intact?'' I said, and licked my lips again. ``Not quite -- I've drained him pretty dry, but his balls will re-load real soon.'' Arv sat up slowly. ``Wow,'' he sighed. ``I never felt anything like **that* begg before.'' ``Still want to get cut up and then eaten for beeg videos supper?'' ``Not beeg x **now!''* Together, the tall blond and I scrambled off the chopping block. ``But the **Rules* . . . ,'' objected the stud on tube beeg the next chopping block. ``Eater rules,'' said beeg moms Arv. ``And beeg com. as long as you never think of eating as anything but getting chopped up and cooked first . . .'' Terecky asked, free beeg ``How do you feel now, Arv?'' beeg indian ``Wow,'' sighed the tall youth. ``You gotta try beeg video it.'' Terecky hopped aboard the chopping block. ``Like this?'' beeg tubes he asked, stretching his muscular body out the bloody surface. I mounted, took his big glans, started to suck. He beeg x came soon, with a long, smooth flow that went on beegporn and on and **on.* While I was catching my breath, lying atop Terecky, he said, ``There are so many of us; maybe you could teach some of us to -- to eat people like this . . beeg movies .'' ``Sure.'' We changed places; I lay back, shoulders propped up on my elbows, and watched the young Hercules take me. porno beeg Terecky was eager, willing; xxxbeeg he got better with every stroke as I coached: ``Not so hard -- use your tongue -- take more of my shaft now -- that's it -- you got it now.'' I put my right hand under Terecky's chin and eased him up and off my throbbing shaft. ``Okay, go practice on that stud on the next block teen beeg -- that's it.'' I took a deep breath, another. ``Arv -- want to finish me off?'' The tall blond climbed aboard, pounced on my shaft, gulped beeg sexxn down half its length, and choked. ``Take it easy, stud,'' I told him as he caught his breath, then carefully engulfed my glans again. ``That's lots better -- watch out for your teeth -- yeah, that's it -- work your tongue along the -- yeah -- now suck -- beeg/ yeah -- your teeth again -- getting there -- aah! -- that's **it!''* Arv's awkward hunger quickly eased into an irresistibly erotic suction; all too soon I jetted a load of ball-cream into the naked blond youth. At last, Arv released my shaft and sat up with an anxious frown on his face. ``What about a -- relapse?'' he asked. ``I mean, if www beeg.com get to feeling -- ready https //beeg.com -- and up hard -- again?'' ``Then I'll just have to eat you again,'' I said. ``And beeg porn videos while you're recharging, we gotta start teaching everybody else on this planet how to eat each other **my* way, so . . . let's get started.'' ``Ya-hoo! Who's next? I'm hungry!'' ================================================================ [Copyright (C) 1999 by Felix Lance Falkon; www beeg.com you may save or make] [paper copies for your own use; do not post, repost, publish, ] [or archive elsewhere without the author's express permission. ] ---------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------END------------------------------ Date: Thu, 3 Jun 2010 01:58:44 +0100 From: sunset4813live.co.uk Subject: Eating More Than Lunch - Rimming (Revised) At a truck indian beeg stop cafe on a break from driving, I saw Joe who I knew was with his mate Jerry. beegporn We had something to eat xxx beeg but our appetite was for something more? The cafe was busy and on using the toilet despite many www.beeg com people in and out like a supermarket, Joe grabbed my buttock with his hand that Jerry beag.com saw whilst no-one could see and all three of us knew beeg jepang what we really wanted, despite not saying anything? We went into separate toilets on finding the first available and rinsed our arses to be clean for what we were hoping would happen? I knew Joe had spoken to Jerry about me but I did not know what it was Jerry enjoyed although he clearly accepted what Joe and I enjoyed. The arse has beeg black always turned me on -- those беег lovely buttocks with the crack down the middle and hole to inside. In the lovely blue sky and beeg hindi clear sun getting wwwbeeg warmer all the time, we walked down this country field, away from the cafe and main road into an area where no-one else was and could have the best chance beeg moms of being alone. As we approached a light forest in being bee able to enjoy the sun without too many trees blocking that out, Jerry noticed an old disused oil barrel standing upright and turned this onto its side rolling into this light forest. All three of us then stripped off knowing what we all wanted but best of all were in a location where no-one else should see us (you know the ones, who want to spoil harmless site beeg.com beeg fun) as we were on beegcom country fields without any set public path or with any road nearby. Jerry sat down on this barrel he located and moistened his cock by spitting on it and pulled me back towards and plunged his ivory cock into my arse bee -- Ow --Argh, No, not my beeg xx best cup beeg .com of beeg . tea that I should have checked about first, but I was now due for a good beeg mp4 Cumming: As Joe's arse came towards my face, I knew as Joe did what we both really wanted and simply plunged my mouth into his beeg massage arse cupping his lovely beeg.con currant bun cheeks with my hands along the way and once my tongue was in a fair place for his hole to kiss, lick beeg coom and suck, I moved forward and locked my hands around Joe's stomach pulling his arse further back into my face kissing and sucking with joy. It could have been so easy to say my tongue went inside Joe and poked around as deep as I could get it, but despite www.beeg.com beeg mp4 all of us being clean as we were leaving those toilets after beeg porno our rinse, I simply did not have the courage yet to go inside that hole with my tongue, although what many don't realise is how fantastic the tongue and lips alone can feel on the anus without tonguing inside. "Wow, Awesome, More" -- Joe certainly yelled out in delight knowing or hoping no-one else could hear us given how far we were from that cafe whilst Jerry continued fucking away on my own arse: Joe laughed out "Hey Jerry, you don't beeg video realise what you're missing here" xnxx beeg continuing to enjoy my lips and tongue as I kept sucking , licking and kissing that lovely arse -- "keep going, marvellous" joys rang beeg milf out as Joe felt so great and did not want this to end. It made Jerry's fucking seem more of a ritual. "I won't be long" Jerry beeg hairy chuckled just before he shot his load inside me yelling the same time with his orgasm as Joe was with my mouth job on his arse. Jerry pulled out and willingly beeg 18 came round to my beeg come front beeg jepang as Joe laid me face down www.beeg.com over the oil barrel to www.beeg.com give him a better mouth job on my arse by position. Jerry kneeled down with his arse to my face in the lower position we were now in. I was surprised how quick and keen Joe's tongue went inside me licking up his mates juice just put there. That xxxbeeg felt fantastic -- not beeg hd necessarily having cum licked from my arse, but Joe's lovely tongue and lips not just onto but inside my arse as well -- Fantastic incredible feeling -- I wish you could feel this. Jerry welcomed my tongue and lips on and around his anus. " Ooh, More, Thank you, thank you", as I gave him beeg xxx bee what Joe had just enjoyed from me and what I was now enjoying from Joe at the same time except that beeg ass Joe was going inside me as well -- amazing feeling? I always wanted this threesome to occur and so able beeg black to enjoy licking one full view arse in front of me whilst having my xxx beeg own arse upright in same position and licked at the same time. With my spit on Jerry's arse to moisten and suck him further, he suddenly pulled away, swung around and plugged my beag.com mouth with his cock giving me another helping of cum he had previously given into my arse now licked up by Joe. "That was not only the most fantastic orgasm I have had" Jerry cried out with delight, "and have never cum twice before in such a short period. Thanks to you, my arse now feels like a Jacuzzi and I want it to stay this way as long as possible". Jerry went on to say how this fantastic feeling caused him to www.beeg need both a snooze in this lovely now hotter sun and another bite to eat as well saying he would see us both later. Usually beegxx I would have felt disappointed or annoyed if someone had received everything from me, but gave nothing back beeg.con -- not even a beeq.com kiss (unless we agreed beforehand) -- but somehow none of that mattered here as Joe was that special contact who was giving me so much in return for my tongue turn on his b eeg arse, that both of us loved and that seems to lack so much in acceptance or popularity amongst many people despite how fantastic this feels and with respect shown through cleanliness. Those who think the arse is only for fucking and the mouth for sucking cock and verbal .beeg kissing have no idea what they are missing out on. "Would you mind sucking my arse"? Who the hell was that, as Joe and I looked up in alarm? "I am Dan and heard some shouting earlier when on a quiet walk alone and wanted to make sure no-one was in any harm. Once I saw beeg free what was really happening, I felt very pleased, kept myself hidden and when your www.beeg com friend had left, I thought it's worth asking you politely" I told Dan I would if hd beeg he was clean and on dropping hd beeg his pants, he was so beeg porno I gave him a mouth job on his arse that he relished the www.beeg same as both Joe, Jerry